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Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute

You can help accelerate scientific discoveries by participating in a study or donating to advance Alzheimer’s disease research.

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Alzheimer’s champions connect with researchers, challenge the community and leverage support for the discovery of effective therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.


ATRI is a global leader conducting high quality research with record setting achievement in terms of clinical trials, grants and publications. The significant scientific impact of our academic contributions to Alzheimer’s treatments and innovations in clinical trial and study design means that the goal of primary prevention is within reach.

Your Role in Research

“Educating myself more about the research has been extraordinary. My mother is 81 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two summers ago. I want to engage [with the research] and stay engaged, for my mom, for my grandmother – I’ve become involved on so many levels.”

Lupe Morales
Managing Director, Daughter

Your Impact

Future plans for ATRI include initiatives and growth that will expand our scientific contribution to the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias through innovation, and national and global collaborations.

Making significant progress in fighting one of the most critical public health issues in the country.