Participation and Eligibility

Working together to make scientific discoveries that matter.

The USC ATRI is a coordinating center and not a clinical trial site. However, the team is involved in recruiting clinical trial participants and volunteers all over the world. Their main responsibility is to connect participants with trial sites.

Through media and community outreach, USC ATRI creates opportunities for the public to learn about the latest in Alzheimer’s disease research and how they can make a difference for others by volunteering.

By joining a clinical trial, you are helping clinical researchers at the USC ATRI and around the world to find ways to prevent, detect and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine if you could improve the quality of life for people who suffer from this disease. We need all people to participate. Healthy volunteers can help others and contribute to finding a cure. Clinical trials often offer hope for individuals and their families and give scientists the opportunity to discover promising treatments for the future. No amount of funding or other resources can make up for a lack of volunteers.

To learn more on why your participation in clinical trials is so important, view the video below.


If you are interested in joining a study and helping us discover promising treatments for the future, fill out the contact form and be sure to select your interest in “participating in a study”.