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Alzheimer’s disease is emotionally, mentally, and physically devastating—for patients and their loved ones. Today, across USC, hundreds of researchers, innovators, and clinicians are working resolutely to defeat Alzheimer’s once and for all.

By donating to Alzheimer’s disease research, you can help scientists and medical professionals find new treatments and eventually a cure for this debilitating condition. Your contribution can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and it can bring hope to those who are struggling with this devastating condition.

Your generosity can help to bring us closer to a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

Accelerate Scientific Discoveries

The Epstein Family invites you to join the fight to cure Alzheimer’s by making a gift to the USC Epstein Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Research Fund.

For every dollar you give, the Epstein family gives TWO

As an incentive, through the Epstein Alzheimer’s Challenge, they will match your gift two to one to triple the difference you are making.

Daniel J. Epstein Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Research Fund 2023 Awardees


Total Awarded in 2022

Ralf Langen, Keck School of Medicine and Paul Seidler, School of Pharmacy

CryoEM guided discovery of small molecule inhibitors specific for tau and Aß polymorphs present in Alzheimer’s disease

Paul Seidler, School of Pharmacy and Peter Chung, Dornsife College

Unlocking the Fuzzy Details of Paired Helical Filaments with Phosphorylated Tau

Pinchas Cohen, Davis School of Gerontology and Arthur Toga, Keck School of Medicine

The microprotein SHMOOSE is a new therapeutic candidate for Alzheimer’s disease

Mara Mather, Davis School of Gerontology and Jeiran Choupan, Keck School of Medicine

Effects of Daily Resonance-Frequency Breathing on Brain Perivascular Space Volume

Other ways to give

Give to ATRI

Support the work of ATRI, which tests methods for early detection of and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Support the search for a reliable blood test for Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms appear.

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